Copper pipes

Sell Scrap Copper Brisbane

We are Qld Recyclers and deals in Buy Sell Scrap Copper Brisbane used items. If you’ve any products related to cooper, you can directly sell to us. We will provide you top cash for scrap coppers. Collect the copper metal stuffs, call to us for pricing, we will get you instant quote as per the market value.

How to Deal And Savely Sell Scrap Copper Brisbane:

Easy process of selling used copper products in Brisbane by calling us or enquire online for pricing by putting copper stuff details.  The stuff can be collected by the customers if below 50 KG and for above we will send our executive to collet it from your home that will be free of cost.

Why we deal in used scrap copper

It’s very important to know the recycling process of copper. It is more money saving it terms of recycling  metal than producing it by raw material collecting from mines, recycling copper leads to energy savings of around 85%, the need to mine less equals lower CO2 emissions, and we use less of our natural resources.

What Scrap Metal Buyers Brisbane buy-

Scrap Metal Buyers Brisbane accept all kind of scrap copper like solid, non-solid, copper rod, chips, engines, transformers, wires, burnt, mill berry, domestic, and PVC insulated. Since the cost of recycling is cheaper that’s why we recycle every product that made by copper and not useful for customers anymore.

Metal removal, processing, recycling, and salvage

Transport oversize machinery and materials

Large-scale demolition and reclamation

Buy, used machineries, cars, vans, buses

Cost of Copper Metals:

The cost of copper is the depend on market value because it varies on international market  and frequently changes. The approximate value of the copper products are-

Copper (Clean): $3-$9per kg

Copper (Mixed): $2-$6 per kg

Insulated Copper Wire: 75c-$2 P/kg

Radiators Copper: $1-$4 per kg

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